The Floating Hose Doctors can help you control your material budget as we have proven expertise in the field of repair and upgrade of rubber, steel, polyester, ceramic or plastic parts like hoses, pumps, valves, fenders, etc. With a large number of projects carried out succesfully all over the globe, we are used to work under harsh and ever-changing conditions. We maintain contacts with local material suppliers worldwide, which puts us in control over delivery lead times and prices.

The Floating Hose Doctors, a name significant as it’s people is a company that works on a no-hierarchy basis with easy-to-access decision-making units. We constantly update our range of services as we try to be on top of the latest state-of-the-art maritime maintenance technologies. We are also a lean operation, able to operate under various geographical and cultural circumstances. It is our goal to make you feel comfortable working with us.

The Floating Hose Doctors is a small company that provides flexible and cost effective maritime repair services for small- to large-scale projects. We have every man in the rights spot. So do not hesitate to let us assess your projects regardless of size.


The Floating Hose Doctors Willem Goudriaan

Willem Goudriaan


Languages: English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish

Hobbies: Classic cars, food and drink

The Floating Hose Doctors Gijs Stuurman

Gijs Stuurman


Languages: English and Dutch

Hobbies: Golf

The Floating Hose Doctors Maarten Goudriaan

Maarten Goudriaan


Languages: English and Dutch

Hobbies: Sports and early Aztec Poetry

The Floating Hose Doctors Oscar Corsten

Oscar Corsten


Languages: Dutch, English, German and Google translate

Hobbies: Mechanics, cooking and cigars


In January 1996 The Floating Hose Doctors started operating out of Antwerp, Belgium under the name of “The Antwerp Floating Hose Doctors”.

After a while and in order to be close to their customers, the “Doctors” moved their headquarters to Singapore, as South East Asia has traditionally been one of the major scenes of dredging activity. At that time the company name was changed into “The Floating Hose Doctors”, which underlines the goal of the company not to be restricted to one specific geographical working area.

During the Singapore period The Floating Hose Doctors carried out work on nearly all-large dredging sites in the Far East Asian region.

After some years and driven by the necessity to expand, The Floating Hose Doctors moved their headquarters back to Europe where Rotterdam, the largest harbour in the world, became their home base.

The Floating Hose Doctors would like to thank all customers, suppliers and other people who have contributed to the growth and success of their company.